Superwomen of DFW
Get out and MOVE!!!
Mar. 07, 2012 - By Mika Bradford CN, CPhT -

Super strength, determination, intellect, and the ability to motivate people comes naturally for our four DFW Super Women who are breaking down barriers and redefining women's roles in the health and fitness industry throughout Dallas. For years pumping iron in the gym and strength training was thought to be the activity of choice for the muscle bound men who aspired to compete professionally or improve their physique for the pure purpose of increasing their prowess. This group of exceptional women is taking their passion for health and fitness out into our communities, schools and local gyms where they are inspiring their clients to attain a higher quality of life through fun engaging exercise programs and lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.

You may not find these ladies leaping tall buildings in a single bound, however you will find their energy and enthusiasm is able to power a locomotive and surpass a speeding bullet all while juggling careers, clients and families.

Gina Cortese Shipley, M.S.
Associate Director, Education Department, Program Manager, Adult Fitness of The Cooper Institute
What motto or saying best describes you and your philosophy of health and fitness? Wellness is a journey, not a destination and it is much easier to maintain your health than to get it back once it is lost. Small changes can lead to big results and consistency is the key no matter how big or small the change is you want to make.

You only get one body to take you through life; treat it well. And probably my favorite: There is always something or someone who needs your attention, so stop and take time to take care of yourself-make yourself and your health and wellbeing a priority. You never know who you will impact in the process.

What time of day do you prefer to work out? I like to work out first thing in the morning. It really energizes me and gets my day going. I feel like I can face anything the world wants to throw at me and it sets my day up for success, putting me in a great mood.

What do you do at the Cooper Institute? At The Cooper Institute, I create innovative ways to deliver education on health and wellness to both professionals in the field and the public. This includes providing instruction in a wide variety of health and wellness areas and developing curriculum for our workshops, designing and leading online learning, and creating behavioral based educational materials and products.

Where she can be found
The Cooper Institute
12330 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75230
(800) 635-7050

Marquette Falbo
Certified Personal Trainer and a Cycle and Yoga instructor. health and fitness writer
How many days a week do you work out and for how long? I follow the "most days of the week" recommendations by the American Heart Association. I love to do something active every day, even if it's just a walk outside. I try to lift weights 2-3 times a week. Sometimes, this is just a light workout in my apartment with five lb. dumbbells and really loud music! Otherwise I go through a full workout with weights similar to something I would take a client through. I do cardio most days of the week which include walking, stair climber, and my cycle classes, of course!

Is there a specific customer or client population that you specialize in working with? I especially love working with BRIDES TO BE!!!! I don't know anyone more enthusiastic, joyful and dedicated to a goal than girls that are shredding for the wedding! Love this group.

I also love working with pre and postnatal women. It is such a fun time of life for them and they inspire me by exercising when it's so easy to put fitness last but it is so crucial to put fitness first. Many women neglect their commitment to exercise during this season of life and I am honored to be a part of any woman's pregnancy life. On top of that, it's really interesting to me so I have studied and attended much training to increase my awareness of pre and postnatal fitness.

What motto or saying best describes you and your philosophy of health and fitness? "Moderation in everything!"

Where she can be found
Larry North Fitness
Preston Hollow Location
6025 Royal Lane, Suite 120
Dallas, TX 75230
(214) 265-1331

Diana Guererro
Certified Personal Trainer, ZUMBA FITNESS - Official Level II Instructor, Vitality Coach and Group X Instructor
What was the catalyst that moved you to pursue this line of work? As a teenager I was involved in a great variety of sports including tennis, basketball, volleyball, swimming and softball. I moved to Texas from Colombia (South America) when I was 21 and joined a health club (Cosmopolitan Lady) in Carrollton where I worked out before going to work at 5:30am Monday thru Friday. I self-taught strength training with machines (that's all they had) and participated in aerobic classes and have never stopped.

What healthy condiments or spices are a must have in your kitchen? Sea Salt, cinnamon, turmeric and coconut oil.

How many days a week do you work out and for how long? Strength Training - Three days a week for 30-45min... and zumba (cardio/light strength) two times a week. Diana is known for her passion, leading what is known for being the most authentic Latin Colombian Zumba class in DFW.

Why would you suggest a person try Zumba classes? Dancing is medicine for your body & soul. Dancing helps you use the power of music to release stress, energize your body and have fun! It's a total body experience.

Where she can be found
Clairevista Vitality Club
2001 Sylvan Ave
Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 744-5400

Sherry C. Simmons
Lady Trainers To Go - Health and Fitness Concierge
What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in creating change within your own life? Deciding to become a personal trainer at age 51 and taking that first step into a whole new career! It keeps me very active and energetic. Plus, I've met the most amazing women and made wonderful, lifelong friendships. My ladies truly motivate me as much if not more than I motivate them!

Do you have a before and after situation regarding your health, weight or blood work that significantly changed and if so what do you attribute that to? Heart disease and high cholesterol run in my family. My dad and my brother, who was only 57 years old, both died from heart attacks (and neither was overweight!). All my blood work numbers are great and I know it's due to my healthy and active lifestyle. Plus I feel so much better when I keep moving and I really love being strong and fit.

What services does a health and fitness concierge provide? The trainer comes to you in the comfort of your own home where you are able to exercise in a relaxed and comfortable environment that is convenient for you.

How long has Lady Tainers To Go provided concierge services? For over nine years we have been the one and only premier provider of in home female personal trainers in the Metroplex exclusively for women.

Where she can be found
Lady Trainers to Go /
Fitness Trainers to Go
(817) 253-7458

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