2-Minute Drill with Sybil Summers
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Feb. 1, 2012 - Blitz Weekly Staff - comments@blitzweekly.com

Name: Sybil Summers
Team: 105.3 The Fan
Stats: The sidekick of RAGE on 105.3 The Fan and quite possibly one of the coolest ladies to ever be known as "Hot". Smart, down to earth, and gorgeous…Is it possible to be sexy on the radio? Lets play a game of Sybil Says.

Day Job
I work with a couple of sports dorks- Richie Whitt & Greggo Williams on the afternoon show on 105.3 The Fan. I don't do sports, though. No, really. 

Unexpected Perk of Your Job
We get to go to a lot of cool events- Super Bowls, World Series games, Cowboys games, red carpets, etc. Plus, we get free t-shirts! 

Coolest Radio Experience
Having a menu item named after me (chili) at The Fan Sports Lounge. That or getting to comb Greggo's goatee every day before the show. 

One job in your life that you turned down
Being a sugarbaby to an Arabian guy who owned a liquor store. 

Board game you kick ass in
Tribond. Wanna play?

Greggo, Richie, Brad Gillie, Gavin Spittle, Bruce Gilbert, Doug Rice, Russ Martin 

Last thing you built with your bare hands
A sammich. I do plan to build a doghouse this year, though. I'll send you a picture when it's finished. 

Smurfs or Oompa Loompas
Smurfs all the way. I'm a product of the '80s, but I do love me some Snooki. 

Tell us a secret
I didn't have time to take a shower today, so I took a hooker bath. Wanna sniff? 

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